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What is the MEAN stack?

The MEAN stack is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and NodeJS. These technologies form a full-stack JavaScript framework used to build web applications. MongoDB is a NoSQL database, Express.js is a web application framework, Angular is a front-end framework, and NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime environment.

There are several benefits of using the MEAN stack for web development:

JavaScript Only: The entire codebase, from client-side to server-side, is written in JavaScript, which can improve efficiency and speed up development.

MongoDB's Flexible Data Structure: As a NoSQL database, MongoDB offers more flexibility in storing complex data than traditional SQL databases.

Angular's Robust Front-End Development: Angular allows developers to build efficient and scalable single-page applications.

Node.js's Fast Execution: Node.js uses the V8 JavaScript engine from Google, allowing for fast execution of JavaScript code.

You can find a reliable MEAN development services company by researching online, reviewing reviews, and checking their portfolio. For instance, Thoughtwin IT Solutions offers MEAN stack development services and has highly skilled developers proficient in MEAN stack development.

The cost of MEAN development services can vary widely depending on the project's complexity, the developer's experience, the timeline, and the geographical location of the development company.

MEAN development services companies often provide a range of services including, but not limited to, custom MEAN stack web application development, API and backend development, CMS development, ERP development, and more. For example, Thoughtwin IT Solutions offers business CMS development, ERP development, and other software development services.

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