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Python: Expectation VS Reality

  • DjangoDeveloper
  • Chirayu Shukla
  • Nov 09

Python is a programming language and it has too many frameworks for Web Development and libraries to ease the life of developers. Framework for web development like Django, Flask, odoo, sanic and many more. Libraries like pandas, numpy, matplotlib, requests and so on.

Apart from Python Web Development, Desktop Applications can be developed using python libraries named Tkinter, PYQT, PyGTK and many more.

Data Analysis can also be possible by using python libraries named pandas, numpy and data visualisation using matplotlib.

Expectations VS Reality

1. Learning Python as a First language

Learning Python as a first language is considered easy as compared to other languages. It is expected that Python syntax is much similar to human language. Like writing condition in python

if var is not None:

'Some Business logic goes here'

As we can see in the above code as we speak ‘is not’ normally as it is we write in python code.

But the reality is that for learning any new language as first or second it will require some patience to understand syntax.

2. Self Learning Python

Self-learning and taking initiative to learn any new programming language can be done if you are honest with yourself.

If you are talking about the Python language, it will require some basic understanding of its syntax and you are ready to code in any framework of Python Web Development.

But the reality is that you have to follow some tutorials for its coding standard and online courses that contain some live project scenarios.

3. Simple and Easy

Python is considered an easy and simple language as compared to other programming languages. Its web development frameworks make it popular among other language frameworks. 

For example, if we build a lightweight web application that we have the option for selecting Flask Framework and if we go to build large website development then we go with Django Framework.

But the reality is that for every beginner or pro developer that has to spend their time making first understanding with a framework and after that they have to maintain project structure as well and follow proper coding guidelines.



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